Young baseball players with a serious passion for the game can’t seem to get enough playing time. The best of the best are always looking for opportunities to test their skills, get noticed, and gain more experience outside of their regular season.

Another attractive benefit of additional playing time is increased exposure to other teams, organizations and coaches. However, if you are a parent or mentor seeking out these opportunities for the first time, you may be unsure where to start and if it’s a good fit for your athlete.

Follow along as we outline the benefits of additional playing opportunities and a few proven strategies for allowing your young player to play as much baseball as their heart desires!

What are the Benefits of Seeking Additional Playing Opportunities?

If you’ve never sought out playing opportunities outside of your son’s spring league or summer tournaments, your first thought is if additional opportunities are a good fit for your athlete. There are many benefits as a result of additional opportunities, which include but are not limited to:

More Playing Time – Playing outside of the regular season means more baseball. More baseball equals more experience, and more experience creates exceptional baseball players. It’s a simple, yet time-tested approach that allows any player to achieve their full potential.

New Experiences – Attending new tournaments and playing for new teams allows youth baseball players to meet new friends, interact with different coaching styles, and even travel to new and exciting destinations across the country. These new experiences will create lasting memories and help them grow as individuals.

The Opportunity to be Challenged – Playing for a new team, coach, or showcasing their skills will take any player out of their comfort zone. This creates a more challenging environment in a positive way. Athletes who overcome challenges and test themselves are always made the better for it.

Exposure to High-Level Tournaments – In the same respect as being challenged, additional playing opportunities will also allow your ball player to compete in high-level tournaments they may not otherwise compete in. Even if they do play in a couple of high-level tournaments with their usual team, seeking out new teams will allow them to play more and get noticed by scouting organizations like PBR and coaches of elite teams.

Fun! – Perhaps most importantly, additional playing opportunities are incredibly fun for young players. Chances are if your son has expressed interest in playing more baseball, they have a genuine love for the game and want to play as much as possible because it’s fun for them.

Now that we’ve discussed a few reasons why you might want to seek out more playing time, let’s go over a few great methods for finding additional opportunities.

Guest Play For Another Team

One of the most common ways to get more playing time among youth baseball players is to guest play for another team. This is a great way to play more baseball without committing to a new team. It’s also fairly accessible too because it’s quite common for teams to need additional players for tournaments because of injuries or schedule conflicts among their usual roster.

The easiest way to find teams to guest play in is through Facebook groups. Search for discussion groups related to youth baseball in your area or an area you’re willing to travel to and go from there. More often than not, teams will make posts themselves trying to find additional players. Otherwise, you can always make a post to the group introducing yourself, your player, and their skills and ask if anyone needs a guest player.

Always make sure to be positive and courteous when interacting with Facebook groups. Social media can be a great asset, but it can also create a toxic environment because of negative people. If you interact with these groups in a positive way, you can be sure to find a team for your player in no time.

In addition to Facebook groups, if you happen to know other coaches or you can get contact information for a specific team, try reaching out to them directly to see if they need guest players.


RosterMatch is an organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio that offers individual player opportunities in the greater Cincinnati area as well as other states such as Georgia and Florida.

What makes RosterMatch unique is that teams are assembled entirely from individual sign-ups. They also review each applicant to ensure they will be a good fit for the high-quality and competitive tournament they will experience. In addition, all RosterMatch coaches are completely independent, so you won’t have to worry about biases common with other teams such as favoritism and parent politics.

RosterMatch is a great way for young players to start on an equal footing with their new teammates, make new friends, and test themselves against elite competition. Another unique benefit of RosterMatch is it truly creates better teammates. When everyone on the roster is playing with an entirely new team, it teaches them how to be a team player.

Attend a Player Showcase or Combine

Aside from playing in additional tournaments with different teams, another great way for players to gain experience and get noticed by coaches and teams is through a player showcase and combine.

A player showcase and combine is an event that includes a pro-style workout to measure their athletic abilities. These combine events include things like performance hitting stats with Rapsodo and Blast Motion, as well as performance stats for pitching and other field positions. They will typically conclude with a showcase game so players can prove their talents in a real-time game.

These showcases often attract coaches from high-level teams and coaches, so if your player is looking to expand their influence and get noticed by top competition, a showcase and combine is well worth the effort.


If the many benefits that come from seeking out additional playing opportunities catch your attention, try at least one of these methods to extend your player’s season. Better yet, try all three so they can achieve their full potential.

With so many tournaments, organizations, and events for youth baseball these days, there is simply no limit to how much baseball can be played. Parents of players often wonder if there’s a secret to getting exposure for top teams, but the truth is that the more baseball an athlete plays, the more likely they will get noticed and the more they will improve as a secondary result. In a nutshell, if a player works hard and puts themselves out there with these methods, they will get noticed.

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